Tuesday, July 29, 2008

INKY Devil!

Inky has been devilish again. Friday, after I blogged, Inky (as well as Spike, JP and possibly Scooter!!) was smacking at CC who was hiding in her cat-cave. He has chased her up the spiral staircase at least 3 times and smacked at her as she rests on her kitchen chair. He continues to stalk her most of the day. I just managed to prevent him from smacking her on the kitchen chair again by walking up to him and telling him NO! Now he is sleeping on the tupperware furniture near the computer as JP cries from another room. We are waiting for Jen to come over. Then everyone (except CC) will probably head for the hills. Wait...there's no hills in FLA! They'll just hide behind the bed like Scooter did all weekend while our niece Lucy was here. These kitties are not accustomed to having company! I am putting Rescue Remedy in their water now more often. I'd like to believe it is working. I don't have the alcohol free pet version though. Is that bad? OK. I don't have much interesting to say today. Maybe later. ciao.

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