Friday, July 25, 2008

The Girls

CC has found a new hiding place and it is near where Scooter hangs out. The 2 of them are now playing the staring game. It looks kinda cute because CC is holed up in an ottoman that Spike(dude) pimped into a perfect cat-cave, and Scooter is on the classy tupperware furniture (as seen in second picture above-believe it or not). Scooter is lying down on her leopard pad gazing at CC below. Like I said (typed), it LOOKS cute...but I have a feeling there is kitty-intimidation happening. Perhaps some bullying? Even Scooter gets sucked in to the game! I want so much for the girls to be buddies...but it never seems to happen.
Now INKY has joined the girls. He is sitting on the other tupperware furniture (can I get a kickback from Tupperware for mentioning them so often? We just love Tupperware, we have Tupperware in every room of our house. We even have tupperware in the bathroom. Or is that rubbermaid?). INKY has hissed at CC in her cat-cave, but then he settled down to a mere glaring at my poor girl. And...finally, he has fallen asleep. But fear not! (or, if you are cc or me: FEAR!) INKY is right there ready to wake up in case CC moves a muscle, makes any sound or, God-forbid, BREATHES! Scooter has left the scene. It got to be too intense for her.
And now for something completely different:
The Miami Shores Flute Ensemble (not only am I the director, I'm actually a member) played last night at the TASTE OF THE NATION extravaganza at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. We had a lot of fun playing and even more fun eating and drinking after. I was so excited to see all my favourite chefs in person! I have great admiration and respect for good cheffing. And I convinced my cohorts to stay for the Chef afterparty (And Jen thought flute players were nerdy! They actually called it The Chef After-Party). Time to plug one of my favourite restaurants: North One 10. Had a nice chat with Chef Dewey at the Chef afterparty. Looks like the MSFE will be playing again this year at his holiday shin-dig at North One 10. More info to follow on that. Thanks to Chef Allen, Dale and Dewey LoSasso, Jen Karetnik and everyone who was so kind to us last night.
Now everyone be quiet soasnot to wake the sleeping kitties!

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