Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not This Again!

Well...it has been a long time but...INKY has spotted something outside that makes him go MENTAL! There seems to be a new cat in town. S/he is black and white and has been spotted nosing around our yard. I chased Nosey off yesterday, but it was no small feat! I had to run at the poor thing with the garbage can to prove I meant business. I think Nosey is someone's very sweet pet and should be staying inside!
Inky just spotted Nosey in the living room window (as seen in picture) and ran into the next room to follow the outdoor cats every move. It was here that INKY started hyperventilating and spitting and pacing the sill with his tail flailing the whole time. I banged on the windows as hard as I could to scare Nosey away. Nosey slowly walked into the neighbors yard and INKY ran to the bedroom windows to follow him/her. INKY was crying and breathing heavy and pacing in there. I gave him a treat - thinking he might associate Nosey with good things - like TREATS, but as soon as I gave it, I realized I was just reinforcing his freaking out. Well, maybe not, because he was a little calmer by then, plus he had to look away from Nosey's direction to get the treat. Now he's going from window to window to find Nosey's current location. Yes, I did spray felliway on all the curtains and by the door, and I ran outside to scare Nosey away, but there was a woman sitting in a car nearby, possibly scrutinizing me, and, really, am I allowed to scare a cat out of a neighbors yard? Maybe it's their cat! PEOPLE: PLEASE KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!!!
The stress of this episode gave me instant abdominal pain. I don't want to go through all this again. I'm going to have to block up the windows AGAIN so INKY can't see out and Nosey can't see in (s/he seems interested in INKY too). By the way, yes I did try to avert INKY's attention with one of his favourite wand toys.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homer's Odyssey

I went to Books and Books in Coral Gables last night to see author Gwen Cooper present her book, Homer's Odyssey. Its about her little black blind kitty named Homer. I had heard her on NPR the day before telling a wild tale about how Homer scared off an intruder in her South Beach apartment. I believe the story. I bought the book and spoke briefly with Gwen who was animated, cordial and witty. I suggest you check it out too! Maybe someday we'll all have a chance to read my new book titled something like; Stinky INKY!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CC Recovering

CC is recovering in the guest bedroom. She is much happier away from INKY. INKY has been behaving better without CC. He attacks Scooter a bit...but not the way he used to with CC.
CC still needs a new home. I have asked a few friends and they all said "no". I am holding out for a neighbor or friend to take her before I seriously consider letting a stranger have her. At this point we are willing to keep her in the guest bedroom as long as we need to. I will not compromise on the new living situation for my sweet girl!
Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern for her (and the whole family). We appreciate all your prayers and good wishes and crossed fingers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CC is Healing

CC has been resting in the guest bedroom since Friday. Her wound is healing ok. Luckily, she didn't need surgery or stitches. I guess it's better when the abscess explodes all over your home than when they have to cut it and drain it at the Vet! Dr. Rogoff was very kind and thorough with CC. I will bring her back to Dr. Colker on Friday for a checkup. She is still sleeping a lot (like she has been doing for over a year) but at least she can climb up on her window perch now and she even plays with the string a bit. I bought her a new KONG Kickaroo toy, but I think she thought it said "lick a roo".
So...now I am starting to face the reality that we need to find another home for CC. It's just not healthy for her to be living in fear like this and certainly not cool to have ANOTHER abscess! I have asked a couple people so far and they said no. People are getting RID of pets in this economy, not adopting.
I have a new prospect today. I'm hoping I can talk him into loving my CC. Wish us luck!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Came home late last night to discover that CC has an abscess on her backside (again!). I picked her up and it exploded all over me and the couch and INKY went mental! He was howling and hyperventilating and all that. I'm not including a picture again today cuz that would be gross and I'm wicked tired and not near a computer. I quarrantined her in the bathroom as spike tried to distract Inky with a feather wand toy. Also, we sprayed felliway around the house and I notified my facebook peeps. Eventually, CC tolerated a warm compress on her oozing spot a couple times. I called doctor colkers answering service who apparently spoke with her (that late at night even!!) And she wants us to come in this AM. The woman told me they open at 8 AM. That sounds pretty early for Kendall Animal clinic...but I hope its true because here I am awake at 6:30 AM after a restless night preparing for the 45 minute drive.
In addition, we have almost completely made up our minds to rehome CC. Some of you may remember that an abscess on CCs backside is what started the intercat behavior problems about a year and a half ago! Anyone want a beautiful snugglepuss?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm sitting on my bed watching TV and eating breakfast the other day when I hear the familiar sound of INKY hyperventilating on the window sill. Not again! I can't get any peace and quiet in this house. I know what's up and I know I have to act fast! I look out the window expecting to see a raccoon in the yard...but this time it's an actual CAT! I haven't seen another cat in the yard for a very long time. So, I run outside in my jammies with my water bottle squirting and yelling to scare the cat out of the yard before INKY goes into total MADmode and starts spraying and otherwise completely freaking out.
I managed to calm INKY down right away (luckily he didn't have time to get too agitated) and immediately put on my "To Do" list: buy scarecrow.
Sorry I have no picture today. I though you might be sick of seeing my Stinky Inky.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yes, Inky is having a nap attack here, but just the night before he made a terrifying attack on poor little Scooter! The screaming (from all 3 of us) went on for what seemed like an awful long time. Long enough for me to get a couple breath breaks in even! By the time I got out of bed to investigate, all that was left was piles of Scooter fur blowing in the AC breeze (I now wish I had pix of that instead of yet another cute photo of INKY!!). Inky had a couple of tufts of fur in his claws. There were no traces of blood and when I finally found Scooter, several minutes later-chilling on her little structure as if nothing had happened, she didn't appear to have any scratches or bleeding - just some loose pieces of fur falling off her backside.
Just last week I was thinking to myself, "wow, Inky really has calmed down lately! Must be all the wrangling I do plus the Bach Flower Essences added to his water. We even ran out of Bach's but Inky seems fine!" Then...one morning my husband was working from home. We were both in bed - him with laptop me with digital cable and CC decided to come sleep on the bed with us. I think JP and Spike may have been there too. It was one big happy family for a while...
Until INKY decided to snoop around. Normally I would block him so he cannot jump up on the bed with CC there...but for some reason, I let him jump up and...of course...CC hissed and tried to run. I tried to grab her and hold her so she wouldn't run. I was thinking that her running would incite INKY's prey drive and surely make him chase her and that would be BAD! Well, I couldn't get a good grip on the wiggly girl and I ended up inadvertantly holding her down so INKY could attack her. Nice mother I am. There was a scream or two (one from CC, one from me probably) and she ran accross my husband to get the hell out of there! And, I got scratched by INKY.
So, basically, what is happening now is that INKY is having more and more traumatic experiences with the girls again which confirms his opinion that they are no good. Granted, he is causing these interactions....
Just today I heard another scream and found CC hiding under a chair with a piece of fur sticking out of her backside where INKY had, evidently, grabbed her. The violent episodes tend to breed more contention and more violence and fear.
I did buy them more Bach's (Willow and Cherry Plum) and am trying to remember to spray felliway more often. We have 2 felliway plug ins right now too. I'm going to have to be more vigilant with the wrangling for a while to rebuild more positive interactions so they associate good feelings with eachother. And yes, I do a pretty good job of keeping everyones nails trimmed on a regular basis.
I saw Dr. Yao today and he asked how all the kitties are doing. I told him INKY is still kinda crazy. He said we probably wont be able to change that really, even with medication. I reminded him that the meds didn't really work.
I hope and pray the attacks stop!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Cross This Line!

CC (left) and INKY separated by FFA flyer. JP watches on in backround.

I haven't posted in a while...mostly because my computer is too slow to get the pictures on here quick enough for me. There has been trouble: like, CC sleeping near one of the litter boxes at night (to guard it? She uses several different litter boxes - they all do! I don't know what this is about), INKY still obsessing over CC, JP and Spike scooting (grrrr!). Well, lately CC has been venturing into the bed. This started when my husband and I were at home for over a week on quarantine because his company sent him to Mexico City during the Swine Flu outbreak. We are all healthy thank you very much! So, Spike (husband) was spending a lot of time lying on the bed with his laptop working from home and CC decided it was safe to stay there with him. Now she wants to hang out on the bed more often, but it really isn't safe for her as JP is the bed monitor and doesn't really like her there and INKY sees it as another chance to try to kill her. Today, I was on the bed doing some work and CC decided to hang out. All was amazingly well at first. JP let her on board and INKY was sleeping, without a care, on the floor nearby. All were aware of eachothers presence but seemed contented. I knew it was too good to be true. When I got up to do the laundry, INKY started to move in. He jumped up on the bed near CC and made a couple of irritated meows. Immediately I took the new yellow flyer from the Florida Flute Association and fashioned this devider. It worked a little bit for a little while. Inky tried scratching past it a couple of times, but overall he only made a couple of slightly irritated meows and let me pet him. I was thinking the more positive experiences the 2 of them have near eachother the better! When I noticed he was getting a little more agitated, I picked up CC and brought her into the other room. Then INKY took over her spot on the bed and I gave him a treat. I hope the lesson learned was not: be obnoxious near CC and she gets removed and I get a treat. Oh no! I hope I didn't do the wrong thing! I hope the message was, stay in control of myself near CC and I get a treat. Anyhow...I am finally liberated of cat wrangling duties for right now: CC is going up to her spiral staircase safety sleeping spot for the afternoon. YAY!
Next adventure: Spike goes down to Kendall for a checkup and tooth cleaning! I need to call the doctor to double check on the fasting situation. Also, he may have a bum issue! Stay tuned...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Today Spike went back to the Kendall Animal clinic for a follow up. He saw Dr. Colker last time. She is our awesome new cat specializing vet. You may be able to see in this photo that Spike had a scraping done on the left side of his face (HIS right side) by his whiskers. It is healing up nicely though. We went back today and saw Dr. Rogoff because he is a dermatology specialist. He, like Dr. Colker, said spike is the best patient! Spike was very sweet and didn't complain or try to escape or anything like that. Both of these vets were shocked that Spike is 14 years old! His heart is beating strong, eyes clear and paws clean and healthy etc. Dr. Rogoff even insisted on checking out Spikes tummy before declaring him healthy. He only weighs 12 lbs now (used to weigh more like 15) which is better for his heart. He eats voraciously and loves to play. I love this kitty witty! I will bring him back in a month to check on the whisker situation and get his teeth cleaned for the first time. I'll probably cry over that one later. I'll have to leave him there all day. I guess I'll spend all day shopping at nearby Kohls while they clean the teeth.
Well, I'm off to nap now before church tonight (Good Friday). Thanks to INKY and my husband, I have not been sleeping much at night.

Friday, March 13, 2009

On the Road Again

JP and I ventured down to Kendall again today to see Dr. Colker. They were every bit as nice today as they were on Tuesday. It wasn't a fluke! JP didn't cry too much in the car this time (though he was hiding behind the bed when he heard the carrier in the other room initially). They promptly escorted us in to what I now realized is a more dog-a-ly-decorated exam room and took a tiny bit of blood from his back leg. He was being such a good boy! His glucose level had dropped from 209 to 107!! Yay! So, Dr. Colker decided not to give him an insulin shot today. I will keep an eye on him over the weekend to see if he is still peeing out of the box and/or drinking a lot of water, etc. Then I will bring him back Tuesday for another blood test. JP was quiet on the way home and settled in pretty quickly. He did not pee on himself, even though I did a classic Cathi move and spaced out on the Turnpike, missing my exit causing me to drive all the way up to Broward County before turning and fighting a bunch of traffic home on Red Road and on 441. There was no problem assimilating back into the clowder. I did a little allogrooming then took a nap with INKY. Dr. Colker doesn't want to call JP's diagnosis DIABETES because really he is not a sick cat. He has healthy skin, eyes, ears, BLADDER!(I won't get into that now) etc. I'm gonna leave it brief today so I can go research WALKING PNEUMONIA...just cuz my lungs are hurting lately.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Colker Rocks!

JP finally made it to Dr. Colkers today all the way down in Kendall (UGGGGHHHHH!). I got him in the carrier no problem but he did cry most of the way down there (40 min drive or so). I tried to keep my hand in the carrier with him to pet him and calm him down. Thank God he did not pee in there (he has been known to do this in the past. INKY, by the way, got so upset he SPRAYED in my Jeep a couple years ago). When we arrived at Kendall Animal Clinic, Dr. Colker herself greeted us in the waiting room. Helen (working the desk) was very kind and welcoming also. I talked briefly with Dr. Colker, filled out paperwork and only waited a few minutes before being escorted in to an exam room that was fairly comforting considering what they were gonna do in there!! There were lots of pictures and diagrams and chachkies of dogs and cats. Well, Dr. Colker was accompanied by 2 technicians (one of which had been a doctor in Cuba - we've heard this scenario a million times in Miami!). These 2 men were very gentle with my precious kitty and quite efficient too. JP weighs 15 lbs. now but Dr. Colker kept saying, "I can't believe that! It's all muscle". I'm glad she was gentle with my boys self-esteem 'cuz he ain't a little thing. Actually, none of my cats (OK, maybe 1) are fat...they are just really big and heavy. A touch overweight perhaps. Dr. Colker even mentioned this. JP is only slightly more overweight than I am. And I'm pretty much, undermuscle, if you must know.
So.....shall I summarize or keep rambling? I never know.
Dr. Colker spent about an hour and a half with us!! Whaaaaat? She explained EVERYTHING and asked a lot of questions - even about the other 4 cats at home. She did some blood tests (right THERE) and finally got some urine out of JP. We talked about behavior and I suggested she read Pam Johnson-Bennett's books. She was very thorough and personable and patient.
What's the diagnosis? Well, it's not great. JP has a very high glucose count, a urinary tract infection and some noisy breathing. This, combined with his frequent crying and occasional puking could all be related. He had to get a couple shots and some subcutaneous fluids. Also, he got some take home pills which should be no problem with HIM (INKY on the other hand...). I will say, it was the most expensive vet bill I've ever had, but the best vet experience too. The vet tech (I think his name was Jordan) stayed with us the whole time - even when Dr. Colker and the Cuban doctor were running the lab tests. Poor guy got covered in JP fur!
The bottom line is, I love love love this new vet. I'm not happy that she is so far away (and I have to bring JP once a week for the glucose issue) and it wasn't cheap...but, overall I would, so far, highly recommend her. She treats dogs too, but cats are her specialty.
Of course, on the way home, JP managed to pee on himself, so, when we arrived home I ran straight to the bathroom to give him a quick partial bath in the tub with his aromatherapy pet shampoo. He HATED that! He howled like I never heard him howl. In his defense, I didn't do the bath properly. It was kind of on the fly and I let the water run at one point when he was in the tub which I'm sure was terrifying. I tossed all my vet-smelling clothing in the washer and tried some allogrooming with JP, INKY and Spike and gave Spike and INKY treats (JP wont eat them). All in all, it's working out. JP is now resting on the classy Tupperware furniture (mentioned in earlier posts) and Scooter is sleeping on the other office chair nearby. CC is on the top of the spiral staircase (see my facebook page today), INKY is sleeping on his pee-peed zero-gravity chair near us too and the Spikey is sleeping somewhere!
P.S. There seems to be trouble with the link for www.kendallanimalclinic.com I'm sorry if you tried to click it and it didn't work for you either.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nippy Party!

I am LIVID this AM (Livid Kittens, anyone?). I had an appointment for Spike and JP with a new vet in Kendall (30-45 min drive!!!). I chose her because she is a cat specialist and I had a great chat with her on the phone last summer about feline behavior. I've been having a bad feeling about the appointment all week because, having lived in South Florida for almost 20 years, I know how things work around here. I just knew I'd get the old switch-a-roo! It has happened at my current vet (who is nearby and a very nice person) and at the hairdresser and at the doctors office! You make an appointment with one person and after driving all the way there, they pawn you off on someone else (in my experience, it has usually been someone less qualified). So...as you may know, getting 2 indoor-only kitties into crates on a Saturday AM is a delicate procedure. I got Spike in with minimal difficulty, but, JP figured it out and dissappeared. Really dissappeared! He probably used to work with Sigfried and Roy before I got him. There's poor little Spikey trapped in a cage meowing with Scooter, INKY and CC running about like the people in Cloverfield and JP is NOWHERE to be found. I even checked outside in case he sneaked out the door (which he has never done in his life). So, after my husband and I searched the estate (we sound rich now, dont we?) from east to west...we could not find this cat. It was getting really late and the vet is very far away, so, I said, "forget it, lets just bring Spike! We'll never make it in time". Leadfoot dissagreed. I went to the car, put Spike(cat) in the back seat and shut the door with me in the back seat. I waited for a while and Spike (husband) wasn't coming out, so I called him (thank God for cell phones) to tell him we were leaving. He said he was coming right out. OK...this story is getting LONG. Spike (husband) would tell me it is already too long!! But wait! There's more!! He (spikehusband) came out the front door and seemed to be motioning for me to come inside. I figured he found JP. Unfortunately that is when I discovered I was locked in the car. I recently bought this car from an Ex-Marine who had a small child, and evidently had the childproof lock feature activated on the back doors. I tried to motion to spike that I couldn't get out of the car. You see where this is going. He, more adamantly, motioned for me to come in and I, more adamntly, tried to motion that I was trapped inside. This wasn't working so I called him on his cell phone (again, tgfcp). He just walked up to the car. I was soooooooo angry now that I slammed my palm against the window to prove (in my mind) that I was trapped! He stood outside the door looking at me like I was totally loony. I started screaming and swearing about how I was trapped in the car but I think the only person that could hear me was Spike (cat) who was now COMPLETELY traumatized in the crate in the hot car (Miami) with a loud crazywoman! Finally spikehusband opened the car door and was like, "What? You're trapped in the car? Huh? well, I found JP". It's OK that I'm a musician and I have now hurt my hand. Don't worry about that. So, I run in the house and get JP. (Sparing you details of the hunt here). Now, finally the not-so-happy family is in the car on the way to the vet. I decide to call the vet to let them know we will be late and hope to God they dont make me reschedule (like my hairdresser once did). This is when the vet-worker-woman informs me that Doctor Colker is not in today and I will be seeing some other vet. Ye olde switch-a-roo!! I KNEW IT! (insert cuss words). I did, in fact, cuss and tell Spike (you can figure out which one now) to turn the car around. Now I'm rescheduled for Tues. In case you don't understand how traumatic this is...I'll just tell you that both cats had been howling in the car the whole time. Now I'm wondering if I even want to get involved with these people! Upon arrival home, I tried to do some allogrooming (I'm not explaining that now) and treats. I finally settled on a NIPPY PARTY! Cat nip for everyone! To calm them down.
Epilogue: I tried to get on the computer to vent (blog) and the computer was busted. Then, after fixing it...I hear a strange, but familiar sound...INKY sprayed the zero-gravity chair AGAIN!!!
By the way...in case you didn't know...I had a cat named Spike for years before I met my husband who's name also happens to be Spike. Total coincidence. I did not name a cat after my husband, thank you very much.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Scooter and the other raccoon

It was probably the cold weather (in the 40's in Miami!!!!) that got to Scooter. Yesterday she was being superfriendly (for Scooter). She napped with me on the bed watching TV and even allowed other cats to sleep nearby! Then, my husband sneaked into bed and Scooter actually crawled up on HIS legs and fell asleep (see photo)! Scooter is normally scared of everyone (except me) including Spike (husband)!!!!! It was the cutest thing ever. She even slept in bed with us and NIKY last night!! Like I said, it may have been the cold. We have a heated waterbed and when the temp drops, we all huddle together in bed to stay warm. That's OHANA.
The problem arose around 3:30 AM. I was awakened from a sound sleep by the sounds of hissing, spitting and wooden blinds slamming around the bedroom windows. I knew right away what was happening. I got out of bed, donned a robe and slippers, grabbed my water squirter bottle and sneaked outside hissing and squirting at the poor little raccoon that had wandered in the yard. I know it wasn't Rocky because THIS raccoon actually ran over the fence and out of sight. Of course, she came back and I had to repeat the process. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm insane running around my back yard hissing, but when in doubt I always ask, "what would a cat do"? Then I had to get out the feliway spray and hit the perimiter of the house to reassure INKY that his territory is not under threat!
Today I noticed the zero gravity chair had been sprayed yet again!
Also, I made an appointment with a new vet: Deborah Colker for JP and his peeing (caught him peeing in the kitchen today) - he has stones in his bladder still I think, and Spike's missing whiskers. I hope she is real good because it's gonna be a LONG drive with 2 frightened kitties!! Does anyone out there have experience with Colker or another feline specialist in South Florida?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bowl Bullying

What I've noticed is that CC comes down from her spiral staircase in the AM to eat breakfast with me. Then INKY comes over to the feeding station and CC cries and walks away. Then INKY "needs" to eat. When he finishes, CC goes back to eating and drinking. Then INKY "needs" to go right back and eat AGAIN! This goes on and on...as if they are each trying to claim the feeding station. Sometimes they do eat together (we have 2 bowls near each other) but I still can't help but think this is some kind of food intimidation game. There is another feeding station located elsewhere in the house where they all eat from time to time. But I'm thinking we could use ANOTHER separate feeding station. Problem is, in South Florida we have so many bugs it is difficult to monitor so many bowls for ants etc. The only other convenient place I can think to set up another station is not far from the front door (where I often see ants coming in!). I know that food should not be placed near litter boxes. When I feed them their wet food (once a day) I make sure to spread the bowls out all over the house so there is no competition. CC usually doesn't even come down for that and JP doesn't like to eat until much later when he can try to lick the crusted on crumbs from the bottom of the bowls. Our house is already under the control of the cats: litterboxes everywhere (from previous SPRAYING incidents a few years back) and cat trees, toys, structures ETC! allover the place! This is more strange feline behavior!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Excuse the low photo quality. I had to snap this one quickly with the crackberry. INKY is demonstrating exactly how he destroyed his new toy. My friend Bill received the fling-a-string toy for Xmas and it drove his cats bonkers (in a BAD way). You hang it over the doorknob and a battery powered motor causes this elastic pulley to rotate in circles. Not pictured is a piece of string which comes around every second or so. If you click here you can see a pic of the whole toy and watch a video of some cats playing with it. Well, Bills cats were so upset with the toy. It only frustrated them and made them cry for hours after turning it off. He lent it to me to see what my kitties would do. Well, JP played with it for over an hour. He looked like he was on acid. By the end of each play session he was on his back staring up at it in awe (look at the colours, man!). But some of the REAL DANGER is that unlike the dumb cats in the video, my cats (especially JP) can catch the string no problem which stops the rotating of the elastic so that the string can be chewed off and ingested. I had to carefully supervise each play session to be sure the string wasn't getting eaten! I might as well have just been playing an interacticve game with the cat in the first place. That would have been healthier for their stomaches and minds! So, when I returned home from the Florida Flute Convention (no, I never went to BAND CAMP), I found the string exposed (the toy must always be turned off with the string positioned in the back where kitties cannot get to it - even though they are going to keep crying when you turn it off either way). My husband claims I left the string on the front side before I left for Orlando. I don't think so. Not my MO. So, while cleaning the litterbox the other day, I found some colourful string stuck in a poop (kind of graphic...sorry, but that's life with the cats). Then I noticed last night that INKY is able to pull the elastic pully down so that he can get to the string. I was going to take the fling-a-string toy away last night but I didn't want to hear the crying. Figured I'd wait until the kitties fell asleep then sneak the toy away. Well, I awoke this morning to find a little stub of string hanging off the front of the toy! Inky had done it again! He ate more of the string. I quickly gave him and Spike (JP wont eat it and the girls dont play with the toy) some Petromalt to help them digest the string. This toy is evil! It messes with their little minds and even their stomaches. I took it away and offered to buy Bill a new one - even though I don't think any cat should have one. Bill says its a toy for lazy cat owners. I say irresponsible cat owners.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

cold weather

Ever notice how cats go crazy in the cold? First of all, I had 45 lbs of cat sleeping on me last night. No, not one superfat cat, just 3 chubbers that add up to 45 lbs. That was cute and comforting but it leaves my body feeling like I got hit by a truck for a day or two after. Then this morning I wanted to bike to Starbucks (in 50 degree weather or so! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Pretty cold for Miami!) and INKY was going after CC and Scooter and CC was going after Scooter (redirected aggression?), so I had to linger long enough until the tension dissipated. When I returned home from my chilly breakfast adventure, INKY wanted to play. I played silly stick (also known as silly string - it's a fishing rod type toy that has been chewed down so that only about 3 inches of string hang off it. INKY love love loves this toy!!!) a little, but didn't have the patience to really play PREY with him...so, he started going for Scooter Mercilessly. I had to lock Scooter in the studio for her own safety. I sprayed Felliway around so that INKY wouldn't mark the spots where the girls had been. Then INKY started going for Spike under the bed and poor Spikey was crying so I went and got him to save him from my ebony terror!
CC spent some time on my lap today. She does most days. She's become quite a lap cat and a mammas girl.
Then....I spent some time this afternoon trying to clean up the pee from where JP (and INKY, of course!) got upset about the roofers. I can't wait to get rid of this nasty carpet altogether! I want to go down to the Cement floors. That'd be way cool. I'm so sick of smelling PEE! I never had this problem before INKY!!! Good thing he's cute and smart and gorgeous and I love him to death!
Anyone out there on facebook? I just joined (not exactly sure why yet...). Please friend me - and my cats. Thanks.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kitty Hero!

Jonathan Rosenberg is the coolest! He was a dot com millionaire and chucked all that to create a kitty haven for shelter cats that were gonna be euthanized! Check out the story: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/01/26/eveningnews/main4754449.shtml
When I grow up, I wanna find my passion and take care of kitties too!! Anyone know this guy personally or seen Tabby's place? P.S. That is not CC on his desk.

Cat Scratch Feeder

We set up the new Pavlov's Cat Scratch Feeder. Thought it was a good compromise between free feeding and no free feeding (which the experts recommend. Even my vets office said free feeding is BAD). The cat just scratches the post on the device then food tumbles out into a bowl on the base. Problems have already surfaced in our house. This AM I found all the cats milling around the feeding station. No one was having a scratch at the feeder, so, no one was eating. I tried pulling CC's paws along the post to release the food. Scooter did a good job with it. The real problem was BOWL BULLYING. CC wouldnt let JP near the food and INKY was too scared to even approach the pole. He wouldnt let me touch him. Then I realized, JP and Spike will not be able to use the feeder since they have been declawed.
Side bar: I do not recommend declawing. I did this to them years ago before I really understood the horror of the operation and when I was a little scared to be scratched (I was raised WITHOUT CATS!!! Oh my! What kind of childhood was that??). Now I know the tricks to getting kitties to scratch where they are supposed to and not on the good furniture. OK, truth is, we dont have good furniture and anyway...we brought cats into our home, of course there's gonna be some damage etc! It's worth it. Cats rock!!!
Spike(husband) decided to try to modify the Cat Scratch Feeder so it will have a foot lever for the clawless cats to activate the feeding. First attempts were not adequate. I will keep y'all updated on that progress. Until then, I had to fill another trough with food so's the kitties dont STARVE!! I hope the Pavlovs Cat Scratch Feeder ends up working out for us all!
Do any of you have experience with this device?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long Paws

It has been a long long time since I have posted. I thought maybe y'all were getting tired of hearing about the same antics, shenanigans and tom foolery of my clowder. Here's the condensed update:
I thought Inky was getting a little better with CC...but he still chases her and they continue to hiss at each other and CC tries to avoid him. I guess that is a little better. Certainly better than when the problem started ONE YEAR AGO!!!
CC has become quite a chubber because all she does is eat, sleep and hide from INKY! I am considering removing free feeding for all cats.
Early on in January, at about 5 AM (the hour that INKY generally wakes up and wreaks havoc one way or another) INKY was smashing the wooden blinds on the bedroom windows and hyperventilating. I panicked, thinking he was seeing a cat in the yard...which would most likely result in INKY getting paranoid about his territory and recommencing the spraying of the home! Turns out it was Rocky Raccoon. I turned on the outside light to scare him away. Didn't work. I ran outside to chase him away...all the while INKY is on the windowsill hyperventilating and pacing. Rocky is not a skiddish raccoon. He just kept about his business in our backyard...nosing around and such. I tried spraying him with the squirter I use to deter bad kitty behavior. He just retreated into the shrubbery, but wouldnt leave the yard. I'm real glad my husband made friends with this critter earlier in the week when I specifically told him he was not to hang around with wildlife! Finally, I threw a small stone NEXT TO Rocky. NO, I wouldn't throw anything AT ANY ANIMAL!! And I ran screaming towards him. Finally he got out of the yard and INKY could breathe normally again. Luckily, I have not seen Rocky back in the yard since!
INKY and JP are both peeing/spraying around the house because (I think) they are not happy with all the renovations we have been doing. I try desperately to clean it up every day! Hopefully the Solar Panels and all that good stuff will be done soon and we will have extra money (from Federal rebate) to remove disgusting dirty carpet and put in pee-proof flooring!
Scooter is still quite...shy, but she loves to sit on my lap and purr and has even been hanging around the bedroom often. She still runs from INKY and caught a loud beating from him last week (no detectable injuries).
Spike lost most of the whiskers on the right side of his face and...as I feared, had a couple fleas which bit me up pretty good before I could get the flea meds on all the kitties. Hopefully, the fleas were the problem with his whiskers and sores on his head (too much scratching, I'm thinking).
I'll try to post again soon (no more long pauses in blogging) about the new bedding and toys etc. that the kitties got for Chranukkah. Please feel free to leave comments, questions, link to my blog etc! -Cathi