Saturday, July 19, 2008

I dunno.

While I was writing JP's blog....INKY and CC mysteriously dissappeared. Maybe they ran off after eachother when I walked into the other room to pry JP off Scooter (he dominates her by biting the back of her neck when she tries to eat - haven't even begun to address THAT problem!). So... I found INKY howling in the guest bedroom. He had CC cornered behind the futon. She looked comfy enough, she has a bed and pillows there....but INKY was guarding her. He sat 3 feet away growling, moaning and howling. I snuck up and squirted his behind and hid in the hallway. That distracted him for about a second. I didn't know what I should have done. Seemed cruel to leave him there all agitated while CC is trying to get some peace and quiet. I sat down on the futon, put the TV on and ignored him until he came up to me all sweet and lovey. then I ushered him out of the room, put on Animal Planet for CC and shut the door so she could get some peace and quiet.
I moved into my bedroom to watch Housecat Housecalls with JP sprawled on my lap. Apparently at this time, INKY had redirected his anger and my husband caught him going after Scooter. Scooter and CC kinda look alike and they are both kinda anti-social. I'm not sure exactly what Spike(husband) did to stop INKY....but...everyone seems fine now.
I need to communicate again with Mieshelle. My contract with her is wayyyyy up and she's busy being newlywed and all (damn, I wanted her to marry a friend of mine down here in Miami) but she said she will write me again. I'm sure I've flooded her box with emails. You see I can't stop e-ying! I just have so many questions. I know many of the basic theories of feline behavior but because I have 5 totally different all gets complicated.
Would it be better for me to let CC go back outside (she used to be indoor/outdoor before she got attacked and abscessed in Jan. 2008) so she can get the heck away from INKY or will that cause more problems (other than the obvious dangers of being outdoors!!!) such smells setting INKY off like crazy and one of the old problems where CC is afraid to use her cat door because the other indoor kitties are waiting for her just inside. How do you answer THAT?

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