Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I did not hear any scuffles last night or this AM! So, we call today A GOOD DAY (thus far). Inky's bell is freaking him out a bit (still not sure where the sound is coming from) but I think it is helping overall. INKY and JP play-wrestled a little bit today. That was cute.

SCOOTER (see above picture):
When I was living alone in my closet sized apartment many cats? Spike, JP, Jazz, Zebe. I guess that's 4 Duh! "We" found a little kitten hiding under the copy machine at the Cor Jesu Chapel of Barry University (where I play flute most sundays). John had just gotten a new kitten (no way!!??), Dr. Lee's kitten was eating his very expensive shoes and Mark, I think, took the last was my turn. I took this preciously sweet little bundle back to my closet apt. Mark named her Scooter on account of she scooted under the copy machine and it was tricky to get her out.
Well, as you can 4 cats were not having another kitten in the house (JP was still just over a year old himself) so, I pawned her off on Spike (the then boyfriend - not the cat...yes, it is a total coincidence that I ended up marrying a dude who happens to have the same name as my cat. I swear I had the cat before I ever met the guy! You sicko romantics would say it was fate...whatever!). Spike was just supposed to keep her for a couple of weeks while I found her a new home: he had CC at home already and we all know what a ummmm...standoffish cat she is!
Scooter was perfectly sweet and friendly until we closed her alone in Spike's bathroom. You wouldnt believe the noises we heard. That tiny little kitten was litterally climbing the walls and breaking everything in site! Then she hid under the futon for 2 weeks! We had to feed her under there...or near there anyway. She wouldnt come out while we were around though!
Soon enough, her personality changed again. She became super friendly and wanted to play CRUNCHY BALL all the time! She would even fetch them and bring them back. She is a beautiful cat and, of course, Spike fell in love with her (and me!) and decided to keep us both.
Today she roams freely about the house with the 4 other kitties. She is very skiddish and shy. When no other humans are around she will sit on my lap and purr like crazy. Noone would believe this as most people have never even seen her - even if they spend a week at our house (THIS ACTIVITY IS NOT ENCOURAGED, by the way).
As you can see in the picture, Spike(husband) likes to build cat structures (That is a real tree limb from a hurricane that Scooter is sitting near. It has a bed on top). Right now, INKY is sitting on the bed/perch atop the high spiral staircase - since CC has actually come down and is sleeping on a chair near the food. Scooter is sleeping on her rock 'n roll leopard print pad on top a giant tupperware tub probably filled with KISS action figures or something. Spike(cat!!)'s probably sleeping on the couch and JP most likely is sleeping bellyup on the waterbed. What a life we live here at Casa Marro. I wouldnt trade it for anything!

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SPIKE said...

Scooter sure is a cute cat!