Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let it be.

This AM CC was trying to get down from the spiral staircase and INKY was sitting at the bottom, his stare keeping her up there! I gave them both cat milk and treats to continue trying to recondition them (especially INKY) that seeing eachother equals yummy treats and good times. This seemed to be working well until I realized I couldnt leave them there alone. INKY will never give up! He will sit there all day to be sure she doesn't come down. So....after some moaning and meowing and stuff...I tried to lure INKY into the guest bedroom. Nothing was working and I didnt want to try to pick up an aroused cat again. Then a truck arrived outside the front door, which spooked him a little and he ran into the other room only to return shortly after upon realization that the truck was not going to enter his house. Then it hit me!! Not the idea. I knocked on the front door. This always works. Cats scrambled left and right to get away from the possible intruder. I was able then to pick up INKY and move him 3 more feet into the guest bedroom. While in there he was on edge. Looking around for the intruder. He didn't want to play so I poured him some food. He wouldn't eat. He ran to scratch the door. That's when I heard the crunching sounds. Spike had been apparently hiding in that room too. He'll never say no to food. Well, eventually INKY calmed down a little. He bumped heads with me and followed me into the bathroom. I let Spike out and INKY even ate some food and watched Waynes World with me. He was distracted by my husband mowing the lawn and coming in and out of the house. So...after a while I went out and saw CC hiding under the computer desk again. I reminded her about yesterdays adventure when we both got trapped by the computer desk (INKY has such power over all of us!) and I picked her up and moved her onto one of her boxes in the studio. She seemed happy. I let INKY out and he sniffed around but didn't find her and didn't get irritable. Thought everything was fine until JP came over here to the computer with me (we planned to blog about HIM today) and suddenly there was the madd hissing dash of dark cats out of the studio and into the TV room. I shook the shaky noise can to stop the insanity and all that did was frighten away JP. I ended up fetching the squirt bottle to squirt INKY (warning, this must be done anonymously! IF your cat realizes YOU are squirting it...s/he will just be mad at YOU. S/he will not connect the squirt with his bad/undesireable behavior)because he was stalking CC...moaning, growling, hissing etc. Now, CC is hiding under the zero gravity chair and INKY is about 2 1/2 feet away on top the previously described classy tupperware furniture. They are both lying down calmly now, so, I'm gonna let it be!

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