Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why My 19 Year Old Cat Runs Around Like a Kitten

When people see my Spike they are always shocked to discover that he is 19 years old.  His fur looks and feels great, his weight is good, eyes clear and he runs around like a kitten!
How does he do it?
"Good clean living" I always say. 
First of all, Spike has always been an indoor only cat.  He remains safe from other critters, cars, viruses, bacteria, children, meanies and other evils of the outdoor world. One friend used to always comment on how clean and pink his paw pads are.  
Spike eats a very high quality species appropriate diet which includes organic and human grade ingredients.  I won't get into much detail or endorse specific products here.  If you are interested in feeding the best foods to your cat and providing the healthiest holistic environment and care, do what I did and consult Holistic Healthy Pets by Jodi Z.  She taught us how to make and feed nutritious meals for all our cats which include raw foods plus she taught us a ton about environmental toxins and what options we have for our clowder (including where to find what we need).
But what else keeps Spike running around like a crazy kitten (especially in the early AM when I'm trying to sleep of course)?  Subcutaneous fluids, for one.  Many cats of Spikes general age benefit from the extra hydration of Sodium Chloride or Lactated Ringers fluids.  Like many cats who have been fed dry food for so long (Spike used to eat this garbage before I became enlightened), Spike is starting to show the beginnings of kidney issues in his bloodwork.  Rather than wait until he has full-blown kidney problems, our wonderful holistic vet Dr. Larry Bernstein showed me how to administer the fluids, via IV at home a couple times a week.  This helps him pee healthily, keep food down and generally feel like the crazy kitten he once was.  I highly suggest people look into this for cats over a certain age (no I wont give a number!  You know if your cat is acting "OLD").  Talk to your vet. 
Some other things I do for Spike to keep him full of life: include probiotics and enzymes in his meals, provide lots of fresh filtered or spring water and add a couple of other natural supplements to his diet to help balance blood levels and keep his joints feeling good.  Again, I don't want to name exact products here but encourage you to do some thorough sleuthing to find the right combo for your critter.
And by the way, 19 isn't OLD!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Saw Scooter!

And so did Amy, Emily, Simon and Lindsay!!!  
We all arrived late to her condo for the Bowl party (kitten, puppy and super). When we came in she remained IN CLEAR VIEW on the landing of the stairs.  I couldn't believe it. She stayed there for a long time. I petted her and she head butted me a bunch then I fed her on the landing. She let people watch her eat. Who is this cat?  When she lived at Casa Marro my husband (one of only 2 humans living in the house) barely ever saw her. Visitors - even week long company - never had a sighting. 
Even more amazing was that after us yelling and making all sortsof ruckus    watching the tv and eating and drinking all evening she actually CAME DOWNSTAIRS!  IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. ON THE SAME FLOOR IN THE SAME ROOM AS her two moms and visitors. Omg!  I was so proud of her. Life in Stuart with her new mommy seems to be agreeing with her highness. 
Thank Buddha!