Monday, July 21, 2008

Turkey Day

Here's a pic of INKY in his younger and innocenter days! How cute!!
I watched Barking Mad the other day and saw a crazy cat that was attacking dogs - unprovoked. His violently dynamic reaction to dogs reminded me of INKY's reaction to CC (and all foreign cats). So, I took note of the therapy. They used HAM as a treat to recondition the cat SLOWLY. They put a dog near the cat and as long as the cat remained calm they fed him ham.
Now, I am philosophically opposed to bribery (even with my students I was never really into the candy/sticker rewards thing. I just don't like the concept)...but... I saw it work for Grim on, I did that yesterday and today - but with turkey. As soon as CC came down to eat/drink etc., INKY was right there...but before he could get all whiny and whatnot...I began stuffing his face with turkey. I gave some to CC too. Amazingly, this worked and INKY even just walked away content after a while.
RIGHT NOW, CC is sleeping (of course) on a chair near the feeding station. JP is sleeping soundly near me, Scooter is getting a snack and...oh ohhhhh! INKY is lying on the floor kinda close to sleeping CC. A few minutes ago Spike walked near INKY and hissed at him. Spike does not approve of INKY's rambunctious ways! Well, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now. I have to run some errands and teach some piano! Maybe I'll need to break out the turkey again.

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