Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday NFA. No cats today

Budding beat boxers. Went to Greg Patillos beatboxing 101 class this AM
Quick favourite quote of the day:

And if you feel weird about that...put on sunglasses

What flute convention.

This afternoon a whole bunch of us fluters (yes I'm skipping cat tales again today) met at the Trevi fountain and paraded around the forum shops before starting our flute flash mob outside (115 degrees maybe?) with Viviana Guzman. I think it was a real success!
Then I showered and went off campus with a friend who lives downtown. We had a fab time eating Indian food and catching up.
Now I'm back at Caesars. I'm enjoying a prickly pear margarita and the moron sittin next to me. He's chowing down and texting while his tarted up girlfriend watches lamely. I don't think he realizes I see him stealing glances at me and actually reaching for my fuzzy headband. Wtf?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vegas. No cats today

Yes I know I'm not supposed to do this but I snapped this pic of Greg Patillo setting up for his presentation on flutes and computers. Shhhhhh. They say only the official NFA photogs are allowed to take pix. Well so far I've only seen that happen at one presentation. I shot a couple friends performing. Those pix MAY be on Facebook later.
It is nice to see so many familiar and friendly faces. Some decent new ones too.
I'm now dragging around my heavy artillery again because i just remembered I DO have another "performance" or 2.


It's freezing in the convention center so I stepped out in the balcony to thaw (see pic). Glad I'm not performing again cuz my digits are ice!
Started the day with Morning mobility with Angela McCuiston. Yay. Then a great chamber concert including my buddies P. Brent Register and Paula Amrod. Fab!
Jim Walker and free flight were amazon last night and they had some surprise guests like Miamis own Nestor Torres.
Later there will be a flute flash mob or 2. And dinner with a buddy who is thankfully not a flute player.
More Updates later.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cat break: Vegas, Baby

I'm takin a break from posting about cats to, instead, post about the National Flute Convention here at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I don't have a computer with me so typing on this tiny iscreen is gonna be a hindrance.
Here's my brief update: it's about 109 degrees outside and seemingly 40 degrees inside. The place is so huge and confusing that it takes a good 15 minutes to get outside and thaw out! That being whined about... I am having a fabulous time. I love the 109!
This AM I went to a piccolo panel. Learned a lot of interesting things from some amazing orchestral piccoloers. Most importantly: EARPLUGS!! Professional earplugs! Made by a doctor! And... Offer the other instrumentalists around you some more affordable earplugs. For real! I often practice picc with earplugs in but usually doesn't wear in performance. That shall change.
Saw a great presentation of flute and computer music. Hooray!!!!
Got duped by a vegan blog and took a cab with 2 colleagues to Paymonds Mediterranean restaurant. It was good but not vegan :-(
Ok. I've gotta stop for now. This is highly irritating trying to type and Tom Waits is done on Letterman. So.... Maybe a new update tomorrow.