Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Saw Scooter!

And so did Amy, Emily, Simon and Lindsay!!!  
We all arrived late to her condo for the Bowl party (kitten, puppy and super). When we came in she remained IN CLEAR VIEW on the landing of the stairs.  I couldn't believe it. She stayed there for a long time. I petted her and she head butted me a bunch then I fed her on the landing. She let people watch her eat. Who is this cat?  When she lived at Casa Marro my husband (one of only 2 humans living in the house) barely ever saw her. Visitors - even week long company - never had a sighting. 
Even more amazing was that after us yelling and making all sortsof ruckus    watching the tv and eating and drinking all evening she actually CAME DOWNSTAIRS!  IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. ON THE SAME FLOOR IN THE SAME ROOM AS her two moms and visitors. Omg!  I was so proud of her. Life in Stuart with her new mommy seems to be agreeing with her highness. 
Thank Buddha!