Monday, October 17, 2011

JP has been wanting to get out of the bathroom!  Between him and INKY scratching under the door we seem to be missing a few chips of concrete from the floor!
We have managed to let INKY see JP when the 2 of them are eating (JP stays in the bathroom and we remove his collar and open the door).  Baby steps.  I don't want to rush the re-integration!
Also, Spike came into the bathroom last night for a shared midnight snack with JP.
Still using the Spirit Essences.  Hoping that's going to help a lot when we actually let JP out of quarantine. 
Stay tuned for my next's gonna be cool!  We have new technology at Casa Marro you wont want to miss!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

10/15/2011 update

No pic today.  So much has been going on and I haven't been posting about it all.  Just want to get the info out today.  Some of it, anyway.
On Tuesday, JP had surgery to remove a stone from his bladder.  Poor widdle kitty! Naturally, he is wearing the cone of shame to prevent him from messing with the stitches and staples in his belly (ouch!!!  I've seen them mess with this kind of thing before and it aint pretty!).  Unfortunately, he must be quarantined in the bathroom for 10-14 days until the sutures can be removed.  This presents a HUGE problem at Casa Marro because upon re-entry into the clowder I can guarantee that INKY is going to flip out!  BIG TIME!!  He has issues!  This is the reason that CC is now living permanently in the guest suite.  Inky never learned to accept her despite months of trying under the supervision of one of the worlds leading feline behaviorists. 
Now we are basically up to date (sparing you days of details).
Today's good news: JP finally pooped.  I had to give him pumpkin for breakfast yesterday to help it along, but this AM there was poop-city in the small non-ventilated bathroom.  Eeeewwww!  But, yaaaaaay!
After scooping that mess I administered the 2nd round of Spirit Essences (by Jackson Galaxy - they call him Cat Daddy.  Cat-God might be more appropriate!).  I rubbed Peacemaker over each cat.  Then I put Safe Space For Cats into all their food bowls.  This time, I let JP eat right outside the bathroom door - in the same room with INKY.
No, of course that didn't go well.  Inky saw the intruder with the bright blue e-collar and got scared and went to hide in the hallway.  As I moved he food bowl towards him he recoiled.  I hadn't realized that JP was coming with me.  JP walked towards INKY!!!!  Oh the horror!!  That was pretty much it.  JP got tossed back in the bathroom (by my husband) and I had to crouch on the floor petting Inky and reassuring him JP loves him and he should not be afraid and he SHOULD eat his breakfast!
and PS yes, I almost passed out when standing up cuz I have apparently close to no blood pressure.  In case anyone was concerned about ME!  Hahahaha!  Like anyone's even concerned about my CATS in the first place.  hahaha is anyone reading this even?