Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not This Again!

Well...it has been a long time but...INKY has spotted something outside that makes him go MENTAL! There seems to be a new cat in town. S/he is black and white and has been spotted nosing around our yard. I chased Nosey off yesterday, but it was no small feat! I had to run at the poor thing with the garbage can to prove I meant business. I think Nosey is someone's very sweet pet and should be staying inside!
Inky just spotted Nosey in the living room window (as seen in picture) and ran into the next room to follow the outdoor cats every move. It was here that INKY started hyperventilating and spitting and pacing the sill with his tail flailing the whole time. I banged on the windows as hard as I could to scare Nosey away. Nosey slowly walked into the neighbors yard and INKY ran to the bedroom windows to follow him/her. INKY was crying and breathing heavy and pacing in there. I gave him a treat - thinking he might associate Nosey with good things - like TREATS, but as soon as I gave it, I realized I was just reinforcing his freaking out. Well, maybe not, because he was a little calmer by then, plus he had to look away from Nosey's direction to get the treat. Now he's going from window to window to find Nosey's current location. Yes, I did spray felliway on all the curtains and by the door, and I ran outside to scare Nosey away, but there was a woman sitting in a car nearby, possibly scrutinizing me, and, really, am I allowed to scare a cat out of a neighbors yard? Maybe it's their cat! PEOPLE: PLEASE KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!!!
The stress of this episode gave me instant abdominal pain. I don't want to go through all this again. I'm going to have to block up the windows AGAIN so INKY can't see out and Nosey can't see in (s/he seems interested in INKY too). By the way, yes I did try to avert INKY's attention with one of his favourite wand toys.