Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Cross This Line!

CC (left) and INKY separated by FFA flyer. JP watches on in backround.

I haven't posted in a while...mostly because my computer is too slow to get the pictures on here quick enough for me. There has been trouble: like, CC sleeping near one of the litter boxes at night (to guard it? She uses several different litter boxes - they all do! I don't know what this is about), INKY still obsessing over CC, JP and Spike scooting (grrrr!). Well, lately CC has been venturing into the bed. This started when my husband and I were at home for over a week on quarantine because his company sent him to Mexico City during the Swine Flu outbreak. We are all healthy thank you very much! So, Spike (husband) was spending a lot of time lying on the bed with his laptop working from home and CC decided it was safe to stay there with him. Now she wants to hang out on the bed more often, but it really isn't safe for her as JP is the bed monitor and doesn't really like her there and INKY sees it as another chance to try to kill her. Today, I was on the bed doing some work and CC decided to hang out. All was amazingly well at first. JP let her on board and INKY was sleeping, without a care, on the floor nearby. All were aware of eachothers presence but seemed contented. I knew it was too good to be true. When I got up to do the laundry, INKY started to move in. He jumped up on the bed near CC and made a couple of irritated meows. Immediately I took the new yellow flyer from the Florida Flute Association and fashioned this devider. It worked a little bit for a little while. Inky tried scratching past it a couple of times, but overall he only made a couple of slightly irritated meows and let me pet him. I was thinking the more positive experiences the 2 of them have near eachother the better! When I noticed he was getting a little more agitated, I picked up CC and brought her into the other room. Then INKY took over her spot on the bed and I gave him a treat. I hope the lesson learned was not: be obnoxious near CC and she gets removed and I get a treat. Oh no! I hope I didn't do the wrong thing! I hope the message was, stay in control of myself near CC and I get a treat. Anyhow...I am finally liberated of cat wrangling duties for right now: CC is going up to her spiral staircase safety sleeping spot for the afternoon. YAY!
Next adventure: Spike goes down to Kendall for a checkup and tooth cleaning! I need to call the doctor to double check on the fasting situation. Also, he may have a bum issue! Stay tuned...