Monday, August 11, 2008

Knock Knock!

We're getting new (impact) windows and the kitties DO NOT LIKE ALL THE KNOCKING SOUNDS! I got back from the doctors to find these dudes in and out of my house banging away scaring the kitties. The boys have come out of hiding and I did find CC wedged under the futon, but Scooter is, of course, eluding us all. At least I don't think she'll make a break for it and the guys do one whole window at a, it seems.
Update (already). INKY just found CC under the futon and went for her. I had to cover him with a blanket and remove him from the room. He is currently quarantined in the studio while CC is locked in the guest bedroom. The others are...wandering. I think Scooter is stuck with INKY. I hope he doesn't find her too! Ugghhh! The knocking!! I hate it! INKY is now scratching at the door.
So...we went on vacation for a week and my cat care givers claim there were no problems. Bill thinks I am the problem. All I can say is, they are only truly relaxed around ME as opposed to other people. Even though they love uncle Bill and seemed to take right to Jen and Remy and they like Tabitha too.
INKY figured out how to get out of the studio. I wonder if I leave to go to my next appointment, will they get scared and hide again? That would be much better.
And, of course, INKY still spends most of his time and energy stalking CC and she is constantly trying to hide from him! What can I do now?

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