Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cats, fabulous hair and Zappa!

I wish INKY would just stay in this box and be good!
I have a trip coming up soon and I am worried sick about the cat dynamics in my home. I am weening INKY off his Buspar so that my multiple cat care givers (one of which has never even been in my house and met my cats) don't have to chase him down and medicate him (even though his medication is not in pill form - it is trans dermal: BRILLIANT!!!). But what if they fight while I'm not there? I'm trying to formulate and emergency plan along the lines of...CC goes to Dr. Yao's for the week or gets locked in the guest bedroom. Poor CC has to pay for INKY's insanity because INKY will go completely mental if confined to one space. God bless CC for her adaptability and patience! I love her.
Nothing new with kitties today. I had a short bribery session this AM before going to Van Michael's Salon for a fabulous cut/style with Jessica (she rocks!!). Made appointment to see Stephanie soon (who rocks my colour!).
Saw Zappa Plays Zappa last night at crappy Club Cinema. Band was awesome, venue was the worst! They charged $10 to park at a strip mall (I feel kinda bad for the poor souls trying to get their chicken on at KFC - some of them got charged $10 - smart one's split and hopefully found something healthier to eat), line went around the block, didn't see ANY security all night and the AC didn't seem to be working. I was drenched in sweat and straining to see Dweezil between the necks of 2 older sweatier Frank fans. Never mind the $8 swill they called beer!!! I have a good mind to write a strongly worded email....well, at least I will never go back to club cinema and I encourage you all to avoid the place also! Al and didn't really miss out this time. Go catch Zappa in Orlando tonight! Anyhow, I really missed Steve Vai.
Back to the cats...CC is bravely sitting in the box at the bottom of the spiral cat staircase and INKY, belly full of tuna treats and turkey, is sitting about 4-5 feet away staring at her. I need to go back and sit in between them (with the treats) for a while.
Stay tuned!!