Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today's update

so...last night INKY had an "interaction" with CC. What I think happened (I didn't witness the whole thing) was that CC was on her way up the spiral cat staircase in the livingroom (my husband has built several kitty structures. This one goes way up to the little windows high up near the ceiling....a quite high ceiling...and has a place for CC to sleep at the top) and INKY took a swat/chased her part way up. He was apparently really riled up about it. Several minutes later I went to pick him up and he jumped in the air and SCREAMED!
Which brings us to today...
He was evidently still aggitated by this. This AM he was sitting on the couch still staring up at CC who had probably been up on that perch all night. CC came down to eat or something and INKY had a go at her and ended up chasing her screaming into another room while I sprayed him repeatedly with water. Granted, my running after him, possibly yelling (can't really remember to be honest) may not have helped my cause.
So...I decided CC needed to be quarantined (oh no! That's what got us into this mess in the first place!) in the guest bedroom. And Spike insisted on going with her. She's still there now - about 3 hours later. I just removed Spike so she can feel totally safe and relaxed until INKY can calm down out here.
And it is thundering and lightenining to add to the fun!
I'm trying to ignore INKY so he doesn't get attention for his bad behavior. I had a question though....and I'm having trouble remembering it...oh well. There's a couple obvious questions:
1) should I have quarantined her again?
2) should I be totally ignoring INKY? He was scratching at CC's door even.
3) should I not have let Spike in there with CC?
4) should I let CC out for dinner and serve her and INKY yummy stinky canned food together (10-15 feet apart of course)?

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