Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My husband Spike recently re-designed, re-built and otherwise re-structured the kitties structure in the bedroom. It was getting a little rickety, so, he spent 2 or 3 of his vacation days re-tooling it into this monster! As you can see in this crummy picture, Scooter is sitting in the middle and JP is checking out the bottom. It has a sturdy cardboard scratcher propped from the floor and several hangout places for kitties. INKY goes all the way to the tip-top for naps sometimes and everyone likes pawing at the twine and carpeting on the sides. It is not yet complete, but I wanted to mention it right away since it is totally amazing!!!
What do you think?
PS, he also built those stairs so my 15 year old could get up on the bed, but I made him take them down because the cat is in perfect health and has no trouble jumping up on the bed. HELLO!!