Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Jealousy

For the first time we decided to take silly pictures of our cats for a holiday photo card.  Though I don't normally condone dressing up cats, I made an exception with the winter scarves.  Yes, we bought three so we could take a family portrait of all the boys together.  And we actually took many pix of the three of them together on the crazy new electric recliner couch (which we all love).  But...Spike was blurry in every shot.  So we are resorting to Photoshopping in solo portraits.  Just today I dressed up Spike again for a retake.  He posed well and I think we got a shot we can use.  However...Inky was not happy about this!  In the above pic you can see INKY sniffing Spike and checking him out.  Why is SPIKE wearing the scarf?  Inky is curious.  Well, of course this curiosity lead to animosity.  Inky was tailing poor Spike.  Next thing I know Spike was hissing at Inky.  Even after  I took the scarf off of Spike, Inky was following him around the house and upsetting him.  Inky is certainly a sensitive kitty!