Friday, July 10, 2009


Came home late last night to discover that CC has an abscess on her backside (again!). I picked her up and it exploded all over me and the couch and INKY went mental! He was howling and hyperventilating and all that. I'm not including a picture again today cuz that would be gross and I'm wicked tired and not near a computer. I quarrantined her in the bathroom as spike tried to distract Inky with a feather wand toy. Also, we sprayed felliway around the house and I notified my facebook peeps. Eventually, CC tolerated a warm compress on her oozing spot a couple times. I called doctor colkers answering service who apparently spoke with her (that late at night even!!) And she wants us to come in this AM. The woman told me they open at 8 AM. That sounds pretty early for Kendall Animal clinic...but I hope its true because here I am awake at 6:30 AM after a restless night preparing for the 45 minute drive.
In addition, we have almost completely made up our minds to rehome CC. Some of you may remember that an abscess on CCs backside is what started the intercat behavior problems about a year and a half ago! Anyone want a beautiful snugglepuss?

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