Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Colker Rocks!

JP finally made it to Dr. Colkers today all the way down in Kendall (UGGGGHHHHH!). I got him in the carrier no problem but he did cry most of the way down there (40 min drive or so). I tried to keep my hand in the carrier with him to pet him and calm him down. Thank God he did not pee in there (he has been known to do this in the past. INKY, by the way, got so upset he SPRAYED in my Jeep a couple years ago). When we arrived at Kendall Animal Clinic, Dr. Colker herself greeted us in the waiting room. Helen (working the desk) was very kind and welcoming also. I talked briefly with Dr. Colker, filled out paperwork and only waited a few minutes before being escorted in to an exam room that was fairly comforting considering what they were gonna do in there!! There were lots of pictures and diagrams and chachkies of dogs and cats. Well, Dr. Colker was accompanied by 2 technicians (one of which had been a doctor in Cuba - we've heard this scenario a million times in Miami!). These 2 men were very gentle with my precious kitty and quite efficient too. JP weighs 15 lbs. now but Dr. Colker kept saying, "I can't believe that! It's all muscle". I'm glad she was gentle with my boys self-esteem 'cuz he ain't a little thing. Actually, none of my cats (OK, maybe 1) are fat...they are just really big and heavy. A touch overweight perhaps. Dr. Colker even mentioned this. JP is only slightly more overweight than I am. And I'm pretty much, undermuscle, if you must know.
So.....shall I summarize or keep rambling? I never know.
Dr. Colker spent about an hour and a half with us!! Whaaaaat? She explained EVERYTHING and asked a lot of questions - even about the other 4 cats at home. She did some blood tests (right THERE) and finally got some urine out of JP. We talked about behavior and I suggested she read Pam Johnson-Bennett's books. She was very thorough and personable and patient.
What's the diagnosis? Well, it's not great. JP has a very high glucose count, a urinary tract infection and some noisy breathing. This, combined with his frequent crying and occasional puking could all be related. He had to get a couple shots and some subcutaneous fluids. Also, he got some take home pills which should be no problem with HIM (INKY on the other hand...). I will say, it was the most expensive vet bill I've ever had, but the best vet experience too. The vet tech (I think his name was Jordan) stayed with us the whole time - even when Dr. Colker and the Cuban doctor were running the lab tests. Poor guy got covered in JP fur!
The bottom line is, I love love love this new vet. I'm not happy that she is so far away (and I have to bring JP once a week for the glucose issue) and it wasn't cheap...but, overall I would, so far, highly recommend her. She treats dogs too, but cats are her specialty.
Of course, on the way home, JP managed to pee on himself, so, when we arrived home I ran straight to the bathroom to give him a quick partial bath in the tub with his aromatherapy pet shampoo. He HATED that! He howled like I never heard him howl. In his defense, I didn't do the bath properly. It was kind of on the fly and I let the water run at one point when he was in the tub which I'm sure was terrifying. I tossed all my vet-smelling clothing in the washer and tried some allogrooming with JP, INKY and Spike and gave Spike and INKY treats (JP wont eat them). All in all, it's working out. JP is now resting on the classy Tupperware furniture (mentioned in earlier posts) and Scooter is sleeping on the other office chair nearby. CC is on the top of the spiral staircase (see my facebook page today), INKY is sleeping on his pee-peed zero-gravity chair near us too and the Spikey is sleeping somewhere!
P.S. There seems to be trouble with the link for www.kendallanimalclinic.com I'm sorry if you tried to click it and it didn't work for you either.

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