Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CC is Healing

CC has been resting in the guest bedroom since Friday. Her wound is healing ok. Luckily, she didn't need surgery or stitches. I guess it's better when the abscess explodes all over your home than when they have to cut it and drain it at the Vet! Dr. Rogoff was very kind and thorough with CC. I will bring her back to Dr. Colker on Friday for a checkup. She is still sleeping a lot (like she has been doing for over a year) but at least she can climb up on her window perch now and she even plays with the string a bit. I bought her a new KONG Kickaroo toy, but I think she thought it said "lick a roo". I am starting to face the reality that we need to find another home for CC. It's just not healthy for her to be living in fear like this and certainly not cool to have ANOTHER abscess! I have asked a couple people so far and they said no. People are getting RID of pets in this economy, not adopting.
I have a new prospect today. I'm hoping I can talk him into loving my CC. Wish us luck!

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