Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm sitting on my bed watching TV and eating breakfast the other day when I hear the familiar sound of INKY hyperventilating on the window sill. Not again! I can't get any peace and quiet in this house. I know what's up and I know I have to act fast! I look out the window expecting to see a raccoon in the yard...but this time it's an actual CAT! I haven't seen another cat in the yard for a very long time. So, I run outside in my jammies with my water bottle squirting and yelling to scare the cat out of the yard before INKY goes into total MADmode and starts spraying and otherwise completely freaking out.
I managed to calm INKY down right away (luckily he didn't have time to get too agitated) and immediately put on my "To Do" list: buy scarecrow.
Sorry I have no picture today. I though you might be sick of seeing my Stinky Inky.

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