Friday, August 15, 2008


I've been called the crazy cat lady. An old college buddy used to call me cat-woman. With the edition of one letter, some people used to turn my maiden name into a cat's cry (they do get so clever with names, don't they?). A student once said, "no offense, but I can only picture you going home every night and sitting with your cats grading our papers". It was better that they thought I was only doing THAT. So...I do find it ironic to discover I am allergic to cats! Yes, I finally went to an allergist who used me 2 times (so far) as a human pin cushion and found out I am allergic to cats (and dogs and american cockroaches and several types of grasses). Even though my car broke that day and cost me more money than I've made all summer and other mayhem ensued...all I could think about was, "I am allergic to cats!!!". Luckily, it doesn't seem to be a bad allergy (one of my best friends can't even step foot in my house without tearing up and sneezing for days afterward) and, naturally, the cats will not be moving out of the house. I'll probably do the shots and remove the carpeting (thank God! Now I have an excuse to get rid of that carpeting. It was disgusting from the beginning and filled with dog-dander from the previous owner - I mean her dogs!) and maybe get new pillows or something.
Next topic: today's photo is of my sister Dorothy's cat smelling the roses after Dorothy's beautiful wedding in her back yard which happens to be LAKE TAHOE! Gorgeous!
And...the cats continue to behave badly. INKY has rushed at CC several times since we've been back from Tahoe. I have resorted to a high pitched yelp (thanks Victoria Stillwell) when I see this. I figure they might not pin the horrid sound on me, but are startled enough to halt the pursuit. And last night, JP decided to spray the corner near the spiral staircase as we all sat watching him/the TV. Like I need THIS problem again. I soaked up a bunch and sprayed Urine-Off on it. He loves to spray in that corner right near the felliway plugin! I can't wait for the windows and roof to be done and for us to magically have money to redo the floors! Then I can properly clean that corner and get rid of the nasty carpeting. Then will I have perfectly behaved little kitties???
Also, I'm thinking Spike (cat) may have allergies and that is why he is constantly scratching the whiskers right off his face!
Right now CC is hiding under the Zero Gravity Chair and INKY and Spike are taking turns bugging her as I fight them away each time.
Still hoping a great feline behaviorist moves into my neighborhood.

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