Monday, September 30, 2013

Lack of Prozac!

After meeting holistic pet-god Dr. Larry Bernstein earlier this year, we took JP off his Prozac. That went pretty well, but we weren't ready to take Inky off his Prozac. Finally this month I felt lucky. We started weening him off slowly like we had done with JP. Apparently the timing was not right. Inky started getting rambunctious. He wanted to play all the time. I obliged as much as I could but the other boys weren't interested in his games or his shenanigans. There were a few scary attacks on Spike (cat). Poor kitty was hiding under the bed even!
And then there was pee. Again. Sigh. Been there done that. Strange thing is, I think JP was doing the peeing, not Inky. After several days of cat-hell I called dr b to let him know we needed to put the monster back on the drugs. 
I'm happy to say that things have returned to normal. Well, normal for us. There's no more fighting or peeing or general insanity. I don't love the thought of my cat being on drugs but if he's not we all will need to be!

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