Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's About Time

It has been a long time since CC went to the vet. I think the last time was in 2009 when I brought her down to Kendall for an abscess (no doubt created by an Inky attack!). 
Since then she has been living alone in her own private suite. She's much happier there. She doesn't have to defend her territory or deal with her pesky brothers. CC still gets the best food in town and we spend time with her every day. She even goes out for walkies occasionally (on a harness with her Mamma and sometimes Papa too). 
I've been noticing lately that she doesn't finish her meals. I checked her teeth and they looked pretty bad to me, so today I brought her in to see good ole Dr. Yao. He's nearby and very nice and honest. We like his staff too. 
Today at the vet CC weighed just over 12 lbs and the doctor said she looked great for a 15 year old cat. I sat and stared at her in the streaming sunlight (that office is much sunnier than our house) and marveled at her beauty. I'm so thankful that she lives with ME!!!
CC behaved very well and everyone at the clinic fell in love with her too. 
Teeth.  Yes.  Teeth. She needs her toofers cleaned!   Teeth cleaning for cats and dogs is considered surgery.  I will have to bring her back for this another day. She will have to fast the night before and they will do a complete blood panel then administer anesthesia before beginning the cleaning process. Also, I was warned that she may need to have some teeth extracted. I remember Scooter had that a couple years ago and maybe JP did too. 
So...I will post about the actual cleaning once it is over. 
One more thing...I may have her hips X-rayed while she is under because she has been walking "funny" for years and we think there may be something going on. 
Ramble ramble ramble. Stay tuned... 

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