Friday, August 10, 2012

Cat break: Vegas, Baby

I'm takin a break from posting about cats to, instead, post about the National Flute Convention here at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I don't have a computer with me so typing on this tiny iscreen is gonna be a hindrance.
Here's my brief update: it's about 109 degrees outside and seemingly 40 degrees inside. The place is so huge and confusing that it takes a good 15 minutes to get outside and thaw out! That being whined about... I am having a fabulous time. I love the 109!
This AM I went to a piccolo panel. Learned a lot of interesting things from some amazing orchestral piccoloers. Most importantly: EARPLUGS!! Professional earplugs! Made by a doctor! And... Offer the other instrumentalists around you some more affordable earplugs. For real! I often practice picc with earplugs in but usually doesn't wear in performance. That shall change.
Saw a great presentation of flute and computer music. Hooray!!!!
Got duped by a vegan blog and took a cab with 2 colleagues to Paymonds Mediterranean restaurant. It was good but not vegan :-(
Ok. I've gotta stop for now. This is highly irritating trying to type and Tom Waits is done on Letterman. So.... Maybe a new update tomorrow.

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