Monday, February 13, 2012

What a day!

Last night when I fed all the kitties together in the kitchen there were no problems!  But Dr. Radosta keeps telling me to put them in separate rooms.  When I have done that they still walk away from their bowls and go see what everyone else is eating.  Then it's really hard for me to keep an eye on them and see if someone is going to pee where they shouldn't!  (PS I don't normally feed them all together like in this picture...this was just a little midnight snack)
This AM Dr. Radostas office called and asked how things were going.  I told them I thought the prozac was helping and that I am working with UT on a new diet for JP.
side note: no hyperlinks today - I'm totally SPENT!
Then she asked if I had put out the bowls of dry food because Jodi said that was ok to do (well, that may have been paraphrasing of Jodi on their part).  I told them NO I didn't but I put dry food in the puzzle feeders and INKY figured those out.  Nobody else has figured out the puzzle feeders.  And I'm not putting bowls of dry food out because JP will walk right up and scarf them ALL down and we are trying to increase his liquid intake (because of calcium oxalate stones) not DECREASE!
another side not: yes I'm angry today.  It's my mom's bday and she died less than a year ago.
Soooooo I head out to the pet store to buy more canned food and treats and litter.  As I'm trying to park UT calls.  sigh.  They were thinking that I was going to feed JP homemade Mahi Mahi (at $20 a lb) exclusively for the rest of his life. So I convinced her to at least gimme a recipe for chicken too!  I'm paying them hundreds of dollars and I'm disagreeing with them every step of the way.  They are not holistically minded at all.  And not ...well...I'll just stop there.
Then I went to a new pet supply shop called Animal Crackers and met JJ who is very holistic minded and a very generous businessman. He didn't have ANYTHING in stock that I needed to promised he could get it for me and deliver it to me for free.  Cool.  So I head home realizing I've not actually accomplished ANYTHING today.
At dinner, JP and INKY kept walking away from their bowls like usual so at some point I decided they were done and I put the bowls away.  I moved on to photocopy the sheet music they had peed allover a while back.  I see the two of them both lurking around the kitchen like, "dude, where's my food?!" and JP started crying.  Then I smelled it.  Cat pee!  In the livingroom!!  First time in ... I dunno, a couple weeks?  They got angry that I took away their bowls and that I ignored JP crying (as instructed by Radosta) so, someone peed.  I suspect it was JP cuz it was by the fireplace where I've seen only JP peeing several times before.
I just shot off another email to Jackson Galaxy's assistant begging him to come help me.
And I havent even started baking my moms birthday cake.  Too busy crying.

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