Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Deals a Deal

We shook on it.  Really.  I've made a deal with INKY!
I got desperate for help with the cats and my husband got a new car (the 100% electric Nissan Leaf) with XM radio.  One Tuesday night he was driving home from work and heard Sonya Fitzpatricks weekly radio show, Animal Intuition. Sonya is a famous pet psychic. I used to watch her show on TV - I think it was on Animal Planet.  I called in this week and actually made it on the air! 
She says Inky is upset because I have been so sad about my mothers death last May.  Sonya claims Inky has a very strong bond with me and is effected by my emotional state.  He is spraying around the house for emotional reasons.  Also, she asked, "when did you switch their food?"  And "why?"  I told her we switched to holistic food because it's healthier.  She agreed stating, "let me just tell that to Inky, he was wondering why".  Sonya also asked, "who's the nervous cat?"  That would be Scooter.  Poor thing. 
She said Inky, in particular, is upset that I took away the dry food free feeding and asked if I could possibly give him more dry food.  And she said Inky misses his old food bowl and likes the blue grey litterbox.  Well, I wasn't sure what that was about but promised to give him something blue. 
So, Sonya asked if I would barter with INKY.  I promised to give him his old bowl back (not sure exactly which one he's talking about, but I stopped using the flat plates I had switched to after Spike got sick), give him extra dry food in the evening and I put a nice blue blanket on the foot of my bed just for him and INKY promises to only pee and spray and poop in the litterboxes.  I've been visualizing him peeing in the box several times a day (Sonya's reccomendation).
I'm optimistic that this will help.  What have I got to lose?  But I'm still keeping my appointment with Dr. Lisa Radosta, Veterinary Behaviorist. 

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