Monday, September 29, 2008

What's Up?

Inky is up! He's up top of the spiral kitty staircase. We now have our new windows. No, they did not pass inspection, so the dudes are here YET AGAIN banging windows and opening and closing doors etc. CC has made a break for it out the front door a few times. She is so over INKY and his shenanigans! She made it to the front lawn the first time the inspector came.
So, what is the latest feline behavior? My felines are behaving pretty much the same. INKY stalks CC and CC hides from him. Plus, he goes after Scooter sometimes. Also, Spike goes after CC and smacks her with his clawless paws like she's a bongo drum and he is Andy Garcia. He's cuter than Andy Garcia, I must say!
I have been stuffing Bach Flower Essences down Inky's throat every day. Vervain and Vine. I dunno if this is helping at all, though there does seem to be slightly less, I will continue. Also, I give CC water spiked with Mimulus and put Mimulus in Scooters dinner.'s update is rather dull. No change really. Maybe a little.
If anyone out there is actually reading this blog, please say a prayer for my sister-in-law. She is going in for a serious operation (as opposed to those really funny on Doctor 90210) tomorrow. The more prayers the better! Thanks.
And don't forget to vote for Romeo! Click here: Thanks to those of you who already voted and supported this wonderful cause. Dogs are our friends.

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cabinetflabinet said...

I LOVE this blog!! Comedic genius. Congrats on your cat making it to the top of the staircase... mine is too fat.